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Hardwoods in General

Hardwood Link Library- Sponsored by the Washington Hardwoods Commission, links to a wide variety of information including, availability, harvesting techniques, diseases, agencies, growth & yield, sustainability, conversion, etc.

Hardwood Research

Hardwood Tree Improvement and Regeneration Center- Based out of Purdue University, the HTIRC is a collaborative regional research, development and technology transfer effort between industry, university, private, state and federal entities to advance tree improvement of central hardwoods for increased forest productivity in hardwood restoration and reforestation programs.USDA Forest Service's forest growth and yield model.

Forest Growth Models

Forest Vegetation Simulator (FVS)- USDA Forest Service's forest growth and yield model.

BC Ministry of Forests Growth and Yield Models (including TASS, TIPSY, etc). Many (if not all) of these models are available to the public free of charge.


Hardwood Organizations




Below are a few links to nurseries that produce red alder seedlings. However, for a more complete list see Source of Native Forest Nursery Seedlings

OR Dept. of Forestry, D.L. Phipps Nursery-

WA DNR, Webster Nursery


Aurora Forest Nursery- Weyerhaeuser Company, (503)-266-2010,


Log Lines- Log Price Reporting Service
Provides an independent, reliable source of delivered log price data from private timber sales in the Pacific Northwest.

Random Lengths-Source of information for the wood products industry. Newsletters include lumber prices.